Japanese websites that I recommend for anime-related interviews and other behind-the-scenes information. Whilst most of the interviews I read come from the results of Google searches or from magazines that I buy, here are a few Japanese websites that I recommend browsing because of the wealth of information that they hold.

But first, check out if the creators you love are on twitter, and take a look at some companies/sites that provide both (1) production vocabulary lists, and (2) production charts:

(1): MSC, SHIROBAKO, Sakuga wiki

animate Times
Associated with the animate chainstore (i.e. the go-to place for a lot of the standard anime merchandise), they have some excellent long interviews with all manner of MAG industry personalities. You can also follow them on twitter here.

Animation Business Journal
An extensive news site reporting on Japan’s animation industry, both domestically and internationally.

Anime Seiyuu Database
Want to find out who’s behind the voice of your favourite characters? Or have a fav voice actor that you want to know every single little fact about? This site should help you answer all of those questions…

Anime Staff Database
Want to find out who’s behind your favourite series? This site is basically an encyclopaedic listing every single company or individual credited for every single anime episode ever. (Well, it should, in theory—the reality is that a number of entries are incomplete… -karice)

Anime Style
An anime magazine and website run by writer/anime journalist Yūichirō Oguro. About half of what I’ve learned about the anime pre-production process comes from articles he’s written.

Bandai Channel Creators Selection
Long interviews with a series of anime luminaries, including Shōji Kawamori, Mari Okada (translated here and here) and Tetsurō Amino…

Da Vinci’s “Ring of Seiyuu,” which Seiyuu+ has been translating.
Da Vinci also has a couple of other MAG-related sections that I have yet to explore in full.

DVD/BD Sales Database
This project appears to have been abandoned. Leaving the link here so that I can keep looking for a new page.

DVD/BD Staff & Cast Commentary Database
In case anyone wants to find out whether a particular home video release is worth chasing down, or to verify that someone really was on a particular commentary.

For news and interviews for all the light-novel fans out there.

Studio Ghibli
has chronicled the process by which they made the Tales from Earthsea film.

Voice Web
Information about voice acting in the Japanese industry and how to become a voice actor.