Interviews with creators credited for Series Composition (シリーズ構成) or Script (脚本). Since all of the creators listed have been the main writers on the shows in question, they often talk about “Story” as well. To be clear on what all of these different roles involve, you may wish to have a look at the following editorials first:

  1. Anime journalist Yūichirō Oguro on “Who writes an anime?”
  2. Anime Pre-production: From Story to Script

Featured image from AX2013. (If you know who took this image, please let me know –karice)

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GATŌ Shōji

   1. Roundtable with director Yasuhiro Takemoto, Otona Animedia #5, 2002 (Part 1, Part 2)
   2. Early Impressions, again with Yasuhiro Takemoto, from Newtype July 2012
   3. 3. Final impressions, again with Yasuhiro Takemoto, from Otona Animedia #6


On Sound! Euphonium, from Anime Style 007, Nov 2015. Translated by ultimatemegax (1, 2)

KUBO Mitsurō (Mangaka, Screenwriter via manga-style storyboards)

Yuri!!! on ICE
   1. “A unique anime that only we can make”, from Newtype October 2016
   2. On her passion for the show and for figure skating, from Pash! Oct 2016
   3. On the beginnings of Yuri!!! on ICE, from Spoon.2Di vol.18
   4. A conversation with figure skater Takahito Mura, 2016-17 FS Season Guidebook (partial: JPN, ENG)”
   5. On the opening act, from Pash! Nov 2016
   6. Q&A and #1-6 episode commentary from Pash! Dec 2016
   7. On creating Yūri, Victor and Yurio, from Animage Jan 2017
   8. Chacott collaboration café talk event: with Kenji Miyamoto
   9. Talking about the ending on Yuri!!! on RADIO, Dec 26, 2016
   10. Looking back on the entire series from Spoon.2Di vol.21
   11. On Director Yamamoto, characterisation and writing for an anime, from DVD/BD vol.1
   12. Episode commentary from CREA
   13. Q&A and #7-12 episode commentary from Pash! Mar 2017
   14. On just about everything, from Febri vol.40
   15. All Night Event Talk Reports: toraonice, or Pash! PLUS
   16. “An Intensive Course that will help you enjoy Figure Skating 100x more!”, Feb or Mar 2017
   17. Interviewed with Sayo Yamamoto and Tadashi Hiramatsu by ANN at AnimeFest, Aug 2017.
   18. Interviewed with Sayo Yamamoto and Tadashi Hiramatsu by Yatta-Tachi at AnimeFest, Aug 2017.


On High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days-, with Director Yasuhiro TAKEMOTO and Character Designer/Chief AD Futoshi NISHIYA, from the film pamphlet.

OKADA Mari / 岡田麿里

   1. With director Tatsuyuki Nagai, from the Toradora! Encyclopedia, Aug 2009
   2. On Black Butler S2, from Otome Continue vol.2, Sep 2010
   3. Various Black Butler translations from late 2010
   4. Interviewed by Yūichirō Oguro for Animage, Dec 2011
   5. Bandai Channel Creators Selection Interview, Mar 2016
      Part 1: on Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
      Part 2: on the people who’ve made her who she is
   6. Kiznaiver and Mayoiga: Mari Okada in Spring 2016
   7. On Mayoiga (probably from this book), translated by seizonsha
   8. On Kiznaiver, from BD vol.5, translated by chilly-territory

SATŌ Dai / 佐藤大

   1. Interview by Doug McCray for U.S.-Japan Innovator’s Project, Nov 2005
   2. With Shūkō Murase on Ergo Proxy, for Mechademia Vol. 4, 2009
   3. Interviewed at Paris Manga 10, 2010 (French)
   4. Email interview, by Ramza in 2010 (French)
   5. At AnimeFest, on all his work to date, Aug 2011 (Part 1, Part 2)
   6. Interview by Gongnetworks, 2011 (JPN, FR subs)
   7. Interview for Anime Boston, Mar 2014
   8. Interview with Shin’ichirō Watanabe for Nan Desu Ka Convention, Sep 2016 (Denver, Colorado; JPN, ENG subs)
   9. On “counter-cultural Japanese viewpoints” in Eureka 7, Mar 2017
   10. Interview about the upcoming Eureka 7 sequel, by Otaquest, Mar 2017
   11. At AnimeFest, on all his work to date, by ANN, Aug 2017


Most Madomagi interviews are likely to have been translated by symbv at the evageeks forum.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (more extensive coverage here)
   1. Pre-broadcast interview on the visual style and script, with director Akiyuki Shinbō, Newtype Dec 2010
   2. Pre-broadcast interview from Otona Anime Vol.19, Jan 2011
   3. Febri vol.5 interview coinciding with the end of the series, Mar 2011
   4. Shinjidai no Mixture Magazine BLACK PAST, Jun 2011, interviewed by Japanese critic Tsunehiro Uno
   5. On Sayaka, from Otona Anime vol.21, July 2011
   6. Online interview for Ultra Jump, Jul 2011
   7. From Kirara Magica on the early days of the movie project, Aug 2011
   8. Panels etc at Animagic, Jul 2013 in Bonn, Germany
   9. With Shinbō on Rebellion, Newtype Sep 2013
   10. Interviewed at AFA Singapore, Nov 2013

General and other

   1. With editor Katsushi Ota and producer Atsuhiro Iwakuni at SakuraCon, Apr 2012 (panel Q&A, interview)
   2. Interviewed by the Reverse Thieves at Otakon, Aug 2012
   3. Interview on Gargantia, conducted by lead voice actor Kaitō Ishikawa, 2013 (translated for otakumode)
   4. On Psycho-Pass The Movie, noitaminA 10th interversary interview, 2014.
   5. On Madomagi and Gaim, Jan 2014
   6. On Kamen Rider Gaim, translated by wotn
   7. Interviewed by Jason Young for T-Ono at Japan Expo USA, Aug 2014
   8. On his anime work to-date, Sep 2014
   9. On Psycho-Pass 2 and PP: The Movie, from Official Profiling 2, Mar 2015

YOSHIDA Reiko / 吉田 玲子

On Tamako Love Story, from the movie pamphlet, translated by ultimatemegax

YOSHINO Hiroyuki / 吉野 弘幸

Macross Frontier
   1. On Creating Macross Frontier (with director Shōji KAWAMORI)
   2. On Writing Macross Frontier (interview from the Macross F fan book)
   3. Macross Frontier TV Series Episode Commentaries (04, 16, 18)

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